Jennifer Rountree (bgsu18) wrote,
Jennifer Rountree

kitchen table for sale if you're looking


for the last 2 weeks i've been debating whether or not a new kitchen floor was worth all the crap we've been going through.. but i'm not convinced that it was.

our kitchen looks unbelievable. and it's not even done.

i bought paint yesterday and lowes and we painted 2 of the walls a dark tan. i'm redecorating the kitchen in a french bistro/vintage cafe look. it's going to be so beautiful and it will go so well w/ the colors in the living room. i still have a lot to buy, but i converted some of the stuff we had already. i had 2 shelves that i cut and painted black. and we're going to sand down and paint our kitchen table to match probably. (if we can't sell it.. which we'd rather do)

i wish i could run out and buy all the stuff for the kitchen. but it will make it more fun to get it a little bit at a time. i already bought some things.. but there's so much more i want.

josh is getting home late. he went w/ chaney to buy a car. we're getting ready to run to the grocery. we have no food at all practically. there's been no need to buy stuff w/out a kitchen.

well i'm covered in paint so i better go clean up.

yay pretty kitchen!
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